Interior and outdoor furnishings


Precious finishes for the Oluce lamps

A focus on the precious finishes which refine the signature lighting units by Oluce. Sam Hecht has designed for the brand “Semplice” a table lamp composed by a single bell-jar made with blown glass, which serves at the same time as base and diffuser. The lower end rests directly on the plane, while the top of the bell-jar is internally covered by a metallic cap hosting the light bulb. Great attention has been dedicated to the details of the galvanic work on the head, of the rotating dimmer located at the top of the lamp and of the plaited metal cables.

“Lys”, in alternative, is a line of floor and hanging lamps designed by Daniele Ruzza and Silvana Angeletti, with a unique bluebell-shaped lighting head as a trademark. The hanging model is endowed with LED technology, while the Lys floor version comes available in both halogen and LED options. The two versions are distinguished by a methacrylate disc which, resting on top of the LED model, draws a circle of light.

For his first collaboration with the company, Jörg Boner has created the hanging lamp “Empty”: the outer canopy is designed with a classical, smooth and round contour hosting a shell-like second canopy made up of a series of aluminium strips – bended and laser-worked –  which spread like a fan and reflect light over space. The unique chromatic matches – white/copper and bronze/copper – between the inside and the outside play their part in enriching the lamp with a bold character.

Even the iconic “Atollo”, designed by Vico Magistretti in 1977 and awarded with the “Compasso d’Oro” in 1979, shows off precious finishes in gold, black or white metal and opal glass.