Interior and outdoor furnishings


The recomposed quartz by Stone Italiana for design furniture

One common thread for 6 design elements: Stone Italiana presented at Salone del Mobile in Milan the result of the collaboration with internationally renowned designers, called to interpret the potentials of recomposed quartz slabs, in order to create a coffee-table according to each stylistic code.

The result of the project, coordinated by Lorenzo Palmeri, revealed a hypothetical capsule collection of tables, heterogeneous in terms of shapes, combinations and processing of materials: these all express the versatility of the company from Verona specialized in the recomposed quartz and marble for building and furnishing.

Giulio Iacchetti, with the cartoonist Giambo, bases his work on a coffee-table characterized by soft shapes and large cylindrical supports that have a superimposed elegant quartz surface Calacatta Statuario, in order to get a contrast and interpret the natural marble.

Lapis Terminus by Arseny Leonovich offers the possibility of combining different colors thanks to the internal part of a metal structure.

With Orange, Lorenzo Palmeri designed an original table characterized by wedges made of recomposed quartz, available in the monochromatic or multicolored versions.

Matteo Ragni, with the Cabrio Table, wanted to offer an original interpretation of the side table that - inverted upside down - turns into a seat.

Zeno by Elena Salmistraro is a table consisting of geometric shapes with a Zen style and peculiar concentric carvings.

Moreover, Paolo Ulian with Slide brings to Salone some original water jet cut shapes, where the top of the table - once carved - is lowered and then rotated.

Furthermore, four projects dedicated to the world of bathroom complete the exhibition area of the brand: the washbasin 1+1 by Roberto Dalla Valle - consisting of black and white layers overlapping by matching Stone Italiana slabs - and the new edition of the sink by Alessandro Mendini, called Senza Titolo (No Title), which is a partnership now renewed with the material Luminor - a “stone metal” characterized by the presence of silicon metal originating from the production waste of computer microchips.

Finally, two projects curated by Lorenzo Palmeri: Delfi - a quartz freestanding sink with a glove compartment and an integrated towel rack - and On-Stage, with a large “control panel” for putting the objects you are using.