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"Touch" by AGC Asahi Glass at MDW

For the third consecutive year, AGC Asahi Glass (AGC) will be present at Milan Design Week with the exhibit “Touch” created by Jin Kuramoto and Raw-Edges, a focus on “The Feel of Glass,” which is inspired by the human sense of touch. The collaboration between AGC’s glass processing technologies and the innovative ideas of its creative partners will completely overturn the conventional image of glass.

As exemplified by smartphones and tablet PCs, an increasing variety of glass used in everyday life is now becoming something that people “touch” to do things. AGC is developing a wide range of technologies to respond to such market needs. At Milan Design Week 2017, AGC views glass as an object that is designed for people to “touch” instead of its conventional uses for partitioning, protecting, and decorating. The installation will stimulate the curiosity of visitors and make them feel like “touching” the works.

Behind the scene, by using several different technologies, such as fluorine chemical processing for anti-soiling/anti fingerprint coatings, and chemical/mechanical glass surface processing using molding materials, a multitude of textures can be created, ranging from unevenness on a micrometer scale that can only be recognized through touch to large designs with a strong visual element on a meter scale.

When & Where

4-9 April 2017

Superstudio Più - Via Tortona 27, 20144 Milano (Tortona District)