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Cerfix Protec CPGV by Profilpas

Rainwater is an element that should not be underestimated in the construction or the refurbishment of a terrace or balcony. Indeed, rain, moisture, seepages and stagnations can become real problems over time, not only for an aesthetic factor but also for the same structure.

To face these problems, Profilpas has created Cerfix® Protec CPGV, a draining profile in powder-coated aluminium, composed of a vertical part that covers the outside edge and allows the discharge of rainwater from the tiled surface, and a cantilevered part with holes to guarantee a further drainage of the water that seeps in under the tiles. Suitable for tiles with a thickness up to 12,5 mm, this profile reduces the problems connected to frost and thaw and allows to avoid the unsightly efflorescence that appear on the tile joints. Besides solving these technical problems, CPGV functions as decoration and finish of the outside edges of terraces and balconies, thus giving a touch of modern design to the space. There is the possibility to choose among 4 finishes of colour-coated aluminium: ash grey RAL 7038, wrinkle ash grey RAL 7038, metal grey RAL 9006 and ancient grey.

In addition to CPGV, Profilpas offers a wide range of profiles for balconies and terraces in metal: available in extruded powder-coated aluminium or in stainless steel and provided with junctions and outside corners, Profilpas profiles for balconies and terraces allow the outflow of water and avoid the contact with the outside edge of balconies and terraces. Moreover, they assures a good aesthetic result thanks to their design and the wide selection of available finishes.