Surfaces laying & treatments


"Desideri": new aesthetic effects for the line Sfide d'Arte (Art Challenges) by Fassa Bortolo


Fassa Bortolo expands its range of decorative products SFIDE D’ARTE™ dedicated to finishes by adding, besides RICORDI (Memories), a new refined range of colors and aesthetic effects: DESIDERI (Desires).

Five proposals, available in different shades, define and create original surfaces, with chiaroscuro effects achieved by the use of special raw materials.

Based on brilliant colors such as gold and silver, Desideri Luce elegantly highlights the walls thanks to shimmers and sparkling effects. 65 gold and silver colors are available, with contrasting shades varying according to manufacturing and application mode (by sponge or brush).

Desideri Perla gives the surface the iridescent look resembling silk and the spatula and damask pearly reflections. The 68 shades line ranges from warm colors to the most vibrant ones, with a particular focus on the shades of bronze, silver and purple.

Bright and elegant, Desideri Cristallo enhances the effect of light on the walls, creating pleasant light effects depending on the modes of application. 44 colors are available to create sandblasting effects, with a rough and metallic look.

On the other hand, the neutral colors of Desideri Minerale are the perfect background for any space and style: 48 different colors, all pastels, ranging from the softest shades to the most intense ones.

Desideri Velo’s nuances evoke an ancient atmosphere characterized by tone-on-tone chromatic effects, reinterpreted in a modern reassessment. The 38 colors are perfect for classic style buildings or modern ones with a retro look.