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New waterproofing membranes by Profilpas

The increasing demand for floor-level shower drains, coordinated profiles and waterproofing systems has prompted the company's R&D department to find a solution for the continuous demand for waterproofing and tile-setting on problematic substrates, both indoors and out.

Profilpas therefore took the opportunity of Cersaie to present its new WPstop 3 and WPstop drain 10 indoor and outdoor waterproofing membranes. Both are quick, versatile and reliable systems for installing ceramic and stone floor and wall coverings in bathrooms and on balconies, terraces and other problematic substrates.

WPstop 3 is a waterproofing, decoupling, anti-fracture membrane for indoor and outdoor applications: as well as providing an effective water barrier, it neutralises the transmission of underlying stresses from cracked substrates, and helps vent vapour from damp or imperfectly cured substrates, thus cutting construction times.

WPstop drain 10 is a high-density polyethylene draining membrane, with a raised truncated cone structure and a water-permeable filtering fabric. This membrane is especially recommended for outdoor flooring because it prevents the risk of rainwater penetrating beneath tiling and meeting an impermeable layer offering no drainage route.