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Profilitec presents "Uptec" for raised floors

During BAU Munich, the well-known architecture Exhibition scheduled until January 19th in the German city, Profilitec presents an important new product in its space (Booth 406 - Hall A4), in the sector of floors and walls laying solutions.

The established Italian manufacturer of profiles, which is constantly looking for systems that allow installers to lay surfaces faster and more efficiently, Profilitec now launches “Uptec”, a complete system of accessories for the construction of raised floors by means of only 3 components.

Moreover, the company has integrated a patented system that allows to move from a self-leveling head to a fixed head in a quick and precise way, through an easy mechanism. Besides the three products, there are 3 accessories to create joints of 2, 4 mm, wood joists and aluminum nailing strips, which are interchangeable and equipped with a noise abatement system.

Having always a suitable stock available for every measurement, use (fixed or self-leveling) and application (2 mm joint, 4 mm joint, accessory for wood or aluminum) gives a logistic advantage and a space saving of over 80% compared to traditional systems. On the other hand, the installer can manage any type of work site situations with only 3 products, by easily adding or removing a component.

The product has been tested to resist over 12 kN; it has been tested with static and dynamic loads, high and low temperatures. The system is equipped with a complete series of perimeter profiles that allow you to finish the raised floors in an elegant and safe way, by using perimeter profiles and edges.

Profilitec a BAU 2019 - Stand 406, Hall A4