Surfaces laying & treatments


Profilpas for large formats laying

For the laying of large ceramic formats, Profilpas proposes Proangle and Proangle Q, two lines of profiles characterized by high versatility and functionality. These elements are not only used to decorate, close and protect the external corners of ceramic coverings, but they also act as separation joints for floors of the same height and/or made of different materials and are used to close the edges of the steps too.

Different in shape and design, the profiles Proangle are characterized by the L-shape, while those of Proangle Q stand out for their square section. Thanks to the neat and essential lines, these elements give a touch of modern and minimalist design to the environments in which they are applied, finding space in public and private environments.

Aluminum, stainless steel, brass and PVC: these are the available materials that can satisfy every need. Each material is available in different finishes to offer several original combination, according to your taste. Proangle and Proangle Q are also present in the range Profilpas Design, the profiles inspired by the world of design and architecture, with exclusive aluminum finishes ranging from white to black, in different shades and textures for those who love sought-after and stylish details.