Surfaces laying & treatments


T-Move and Roboslab by Raimondi for the large formats

The new products presented by Raimondi are very functional, making easier, among other things, all issues related to the laying of large and very large formats. They include "T-Move", the new modular structure with "vacuum" suction cups that, according to us, thanks to its flexibility provides once for all an exhaustive and complete response to the theme of "sheets" movement, be them of any size and with any surface finish.

There is also the “Roboslab” project, whose prototype has been presented at the last Cersaie edition. The system allows to lift (from the case/pallet or the A-Frame) panels, of any size and weight up to 200 Kg, laying them both on floors and wall. With “Roboslab” there will be no more limits; also materials that today cannot be installed, will be used without problems. Furthermore, it will also be a tool to enhance and speed up the installation of panels which are currently laid manually.