Wall and Floor Coverings


A new "augmented" material: Mutaforma

A new "smart" material for versatile floor and wall coverings arrives on the market. The Milanese brand mutaforma has just presented it within the installation "Speak to our glass, it will tell you about light", set up in the Brera Design Apartment.

Mutaforma is globally specialized in the so-called augmented materials for the interiors of residential, naval and hotel spaces. It reexamine the glass concept by using nanotechnologies: nanometric particles with specific physical and chemical properties are deposited on glass matrices by changing the optical features and the aesthetic. TILLA® - the “picotessera” (a little glass tile) obtained through the brand technology - makes all this possible.

A new layered, composite, smart material for different applications in design and architecture is thus created.

Thanks to its versatility, by means of rigid, flexible and patented supports, Mutaforma is a decorative coating for walls and floors, used individually or in combination with other materials such as resin, stone and fabric.

Its coloring is given and maintained by the chemical-physical nature of the sublimated particles on the glass, such as silver, copper, titanium and other oxides deposited at the molecular level.

Stratospherica is the new collection made in co-branding with Antolini and presented at Marmomac 2017, made up of 14 patterns designed by Alessandro La Spada. Here the natural stone is combined with geometric, organic and artistic decorations made of mutaforma material. Inlays, connections and inserts consisting of different materials are the theme of the series.

Trame, design by Roberta Scumace, is based on urban geometries, fabrics, colors and decorations: every TILLA® hides a story to be read through light.

Tasselli, design by Emanuele Bonzini, is a collection characterized by a rectangular shape mm. 26x10x2 including the TILLA® technology.

Underwater, design by Alessandro Vinci, is the artistic collection telling underwater suggestions, the fluid effect of light on water.

Moreover, mutaforma boasts collaborations with several representative of design and interiors, called by the company to interpret this technological material according to their personal vision. During 2018, the company will present the collections of Gupica, Campbell-Rey and Matteo Cibic.