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A new format and a polished finish for the ceramic marble by Del Conca

Boutique is the new collection by Del Conca consisting of a porcelain stoneware with marble effect, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, which boasts two new features: the format and the new finish Shine. Thanks to the use of a soft enamel (applied with high-thickness) that gives great reflectivity and chromatic depth, the ceramic brand offers a surface line suitable for a house that really reflects the trends of the moment.

Boutique is available in the formats 60x120, 60x90 and the big new one 120x120. The range is completed with accessories 10.3 mm thick. 20mm thick and in only 2 colors, the Boutique series is offered in the new  format 60x90cm, available with natural or rectified edges.

The available colors are four, each of them is inspired to a specific marble: Boutique HBO10, which recalls “InvisibleGray”; Boutique HBO1, similar to “Zebrino Striato; Boutique HBO5, which comes to life from the Marble “Amani”; Boutique HBO 8, born from the marble “Noisette”.

Moreover, the finish Shine stresses the concept of polished marble for elegant and refined environments, while Naturale evokes the materiality of the opaque marble, with a low reflection of light.

* Technical info

Product type: indoor and outdoor floor
Material: full-body porcelain stoneware
Dimensions: 60X60, 60X120, 120X120; version2 60X90; version Shine and Naturale
Recommended laying: traditional laying, dry on sand, gravel, grass