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Bruno Parquet proposes "Travi Vecchie"

The word “recycling” is essential in the last main trend named “circular economy”, which involves the redevelopment of buildings, as well as waste sorting and salvaged materials. Following this trend and respecting forests, Bruno Parquet offers the oak collection Travi Vecchie, part of the line Le Valli.

It is a collection of handmade wood-blocks whose noble layer (4mm) is made of wood recycled beams. Each plank maintains on the surface its charming signs of time, besides being carefully reworked and brought back to its original splendor by expert artisans. It ensures an excellent resistance and suitability to foot traffic.

The wood blocks Travi Vecchie are suitable for every setting. They elegantly furnish homes with a classic style and heat up rooms with a modern design.

Foto: Roberto Leoni

Here above you can see the renovated rooms of the Hotel Firenze, in Fanano (Modena), where the floors of the collection Le Valli have been installed with a fireproof finishing, following the regulations, but the line is also available with finishing LEgnoAria+ VOC free, just like all the series Bruno Parquet.