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Gerflor: the right products for school renovation

Italy’s regional authorities recently issued calls for tenders relating to the implementation of the Ministerial Decree dated 3 January 2018 concerning the national planning of school construction work for the period 2018-2020, which is eligible for funding with the economic resources made available to local authorities under the 2016 Stability Law.

The work involved in making buildings safe, upgrading their seismic performance and improving their energy-efficiency, and indeed in constructing new school buildings, will be supported with the 1.7 billion euros to be disbursed by the Italian Ministry of Education as security for the mortgages taken out by local authorities with the European Investment Bank (EIB).

This is an important and substantial task, which requires the utmost attention to the choice of materials to include in specifications. 

Some of the most suitable coverings for environments used by children are the PVC and linoleum products made by Gerflor, a multinational which has obtained all of the major international certifications for its products, such as Floorscore, REACH, AgBB, HQE and M1.

In line with requirements relating to the construction of school facilities, Gerflor has therefore updated its Taralay Premium range for high-traffic areas, such as schools, gyms, hospitals and shopping centres: the update brings in 18 new colours for the best-selling finishes (Osmoz, Indiana, Brazilia and Metallica) and 2 new finishes to extend the Poesy and Neopolis ranges.

It’s a flexible, pressed and calendered multi-layer product, whose weight in g/m2 varies according to the finish. It has a 1 mm thick wear layer produced by pressing coloured granules with a matt finish.

The product is reinforced with a fibreglass grid, which ensures excellent dynamic load strength. The use of Evercare TM – a patented treatment for coverings – makes the task of looking after the finished flooring extremely easy: there’s no need for waxing, and all you need for cleaning is water and a bit of detergent. Hygiene is also ensured by the absence of joints, and by the fact that you can use welding solutions to create a continuous surface to prevent the possibility of dirt deposition.

Gerflor also pays close attention to eco-sustainability and the use of natural materials in the manufacturing of the product. Its range also includes Gerflor-DLW linoleum, the composition of which is 98% organic materials and minerals, in line with the principles of green building. The product also contains linseed oil, making it naturally bacteriostatic.

For school applications in particular, Gerflor-DLW recommends the Colorette range, which is bright and lively and especially well suited to this type of environment: in addition to the 11 bright, bold and vivacious colours, the range also includes 12 more neutral tones from grey to beige.