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Hisbalit presents "Black & White" glass mosaic

Inspired by music and the magic produced simply by the right combination of sound and silence, Black & White is the new collection from Hisbalit’s Art Factory. It includes over twenty geometric designs created with high-quality ecological glass mosaic tiles in black and white.

The new range of surfaces takes the light and purity of white set in counterpoint to the elegance and sophistication of black. A magnetic contrast that produces, as with a piece of music, different harmonious and balanced designs. A timeless tandem, giving unmistakable personality to every space, achieving the perfect balance between the classic and the modern.

Piano, Allegro, Arpeggio, Blues, Ostinato, Sonata are just some of the names of the 22 references of the new collection from Hisbalit, with an interplay of orientation and movement, symmetries and contrasts. Geometric motifs which, along with the rest of Hisbalit’s collections, can be used on any surface, both indoors and outdoors. The models are designed with tesserae in varying (2,3x2,3; round and hexagonal) and with a satin finish.

Easy to install on any type of surface, Hisbalit tiles require no maintenance, are easy to clean and are totally hygienic and anti-allergenic. Glass, for its part, is a non-porous material with 0% absorption, resistant to chemical agents and totally inalterable over time with a life span of 30 to 40 years.