Wall and Floor Coverings


Jointed: the mosaic "beyond the mosaic"

Beyond decoration, beyond the traditional mosaic concept, beyond chip size, rigidly defined geometrical space. The new range from Mosaico+ takes a fresh approach, extending the material’s expressive potentials and the languages used to convey them. The "Jointed" collection is a perfect example. A new collection that symbolises the Mosaico+ revolution, superseding the modularity of the mosaic chip and its repetition across the surface through the potential for breaking down every single element in 5 different ways.

In Jointed, the 5x5 cm chip is engraved with a graphic motif providing the basis for 5 different types of decoration. The random composition of each of the subdivided chips transforms the simple surface into a complex array, varying depending on the way the sheets are installed, which may be repetitive or in a random layout. The personalisation continues with the option of using a tone-on-tone grout or a contrasting one, to enhance the material’s vibrancy.

The Jointed mosaic is produced in bright, luminous, artistic cathedral glass, thinner than other types. This artistic glass can be coloured with full tone and plain hues or can have a shaded and veined appearance.