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Linkfloor: the new vinyl flooring by Porcelanosa

PORCELANOSA Group launches an advanced vinyl flooring on the market, which is highly abrasion and shock resistant, unalterable to the effects of water, chemicals and stains.


Linkfloor – this is the name of the new product – offers a good choice for interior renovations, for its easy laying too. Regarding its style, the design increases the lightness of walls and floors thanks to the woven look and the warm colors based on wood, stone or texture. On the practical side, the resistance and the versatility of its design allows the installation in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

13 collections to cover floors and walls of hotels, offices, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms. It can be installed as a wall covering (Contract or Wall Contract), or as a floor (Roll Contract, Empire or Hotel Air) in a “floating” way by using the Lock system or by gluing. Its formats include both planks and rolls, which can be used as floors or to cover interior areas of contract or residential projects.

Vinyl flooring is generally a type of flooring characterized by an internal layer of polymer, which usually combines polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with another natural material such as stone or wood. Wood and plastic compounds are known as WPC, while stone and plastic compounds are SPC. Pure PVC is usually known as LVT (luxury vinyl flooring).

Various types of surfaces that give Linkfloor its look cover the inner layers of polymer. They are usually covered with textile fabric or decorative paper to imitate the appearance of stone or wood. The wear layer of the vinyl floor is made of transparent PVC. During the manufacturing process, a UV treatment is applied to the wear layer to improve its resistance to abrasion, scratches, stains and bacteria.

Let's see some features:

  • Durability

Durability and long life. More durable, resistant to cracks, breaks or damage (if subjected to pressure or impact) compared to real wood, stone or ceramic tiles. This floor can absorb the pressure of heavy objects without being damaged. It is thus different from ceramic tiles, which are not flexible and can crack, or from laminate, which is softer and can get dented.

  • Easy to lay

The installation is exceptionally easy. Tiles and slabs are combined with a click system. Besides the easiness of installation, it is a very comfortable floor to walk on; it works well in areas with high humidity and does not require filling the joints.

  • Easy to clean

It requires minimal maintenance. It can be cleaned with a damp rag and normal cleaning products. Waterproof. It is an excellent solution for laundries, bathrooms and basements.

  • Design choices

Linkfloor offers different styles and patterns: it can be designed by imitating ceramic, wood or stone.