Wall and Floor Coverings


Microcemento® for seamless surfaces

Microcemento® has been a Pancotti brand for over 10 years. It is a mineral finish, suitable to renovate floors, walls and any other type of surface, lending the environment a contemporary charm and a look similar to concrete. Microcemento® can be used for commercial spaces or private residences, making it particularly useful in case of renovations: the processing cycle makes also possible the covering of old floors without having to demolish the pre-existing ones.

More in particular, Microcemento® is a special mixture that creates a mortar with a maximum thickness of 2 mm and a high adhesion. Its strong resistance makes it an ideal product for environments with high traffic or for any other context.

With this solution, floors and walls appear uniform, leaving a great personalization of the interior furnishings.

The guarantee of Made in Italy is another strong point of the company’s material, which has always carried out a scrupulous care and research on raw materials and a meticulous selection of pigments.