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Mosaico+: the artistic contaminations and the joint as protagonist

Each collection of mosaics expresses its peculiarities: Diamond, by Mosaico+, combines calculation, geometry and the most modern design with the ancient history of Italian mosaic art. It is inspired by the patterns of tinned-glass mosaic windows made with a glass that can move the shapes through the refraction of light. Diamond resembles sacred architecture (with the Cathedral glass and its dense veins), modern architecture, the Art Deco of the Crysler Building by William Van Alen and the pure geometries of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Moreover, in this collection joints are the true stars of the decoration: they create the design by sliding between the glass plates and guide the gaze among the algorithmic forms.

The mosaic Diamond can be colored with solid and sharp tones, but varying shades and veins can also be on the surface. The unusual design ensures a tone-on-tone stuccoing for a refined effect or a contrasting one, with the aim of giving the composition a more eccentric and trendy style.