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Recycled glass is reinterpreted in "Micro Random"

Micro Random is the new collection by mosaicomicro. It shows that the value of a coating is linked to the quality of the material, its possibilities of use and, finally, its aesthetic appeal.

Mosaico Micro is a mosaic entirely made of glass recycled from the disused CRT (cathode-ray tube) monitors. It can be used for both indoors and outdoors, on flat and curved surfaces. Each tile (6x6x3 mm) is unique. It does not come from pressing, like a normal stoneware, but from casting. Although the production process is industrialized, the artisanal intervention follows its shape: the result is an increasingly changing and dynamic surface. Joints are considered really important within the whole decoration, as their color can change the chromatic or formal look once tiles are applied.

Mosaico Micro, in fact, aimed at emphasizing the mosaic-joint connection with a random assembly system, giving life to the version “Micro Random”.


Tessera 6x6x3 mm

Foglio 290x290x4 mm