Wall and Floor Coverings


Studio Lido presents "Cinetica" by Marinoni Peltro

Studio Lido, a multidisciplinary design studio founded by Ilaria Innocenti and Giorgio Laboratore and based in Milan, designs for Marinoni Peltro a wall covering collection made of pewter with an exquisitely ornamental look that, as Gio Ponti used to say, “keeps on moving with lights and shades”. A creative and innovative way to use pewter, by creating little modules that, once combined, can decorate large surfaces. This job springs from a study that aims to highlight the interesting characteristics of this ancient material, normally used to produce tableware.

The project renews pewter’s image and reveals its precious and malleable features, making it highly gleaming, dynamic, allusive, and as soft as fabric. The final result is a collection, named CINETICA, consisting of four different modular elements, conceived for the contract design, that embellish wall portions, hotel, bar and office counters. These elements will enhance walls and surfaces through brightness and optical illusion, giving a new physiognomy to the spaces.

La collezione si compone di:

  • PAILLETTES: come un tessuto di paillettes altamente riflettente capace di far vibrare la superficie attraverso un gioco di luci cangiante e dinamico;
  • LEAF: un modulo dalle forme morbide e dalla superficie altamente lavorata crea un sinuoso effetto di drappeggio sull’area che riveste;
  • CROCHET: piccoli blocchi di materiale dall’aspetto solido si combinano tra loro a creare un motivo intrecciato che ricorda un tessuto crochet;
  • WAVES: moduli dalle facce scanalate che uniti danno alla superficie un ipnotico effetto di movimento.