Wall and Floor Coverings


The collection signed La Spada: "Stratospherica"

Alessandro La Spada designed fourteen patterns for Stratospherica, the innovative collection resulting from the collaboration between Antolini - leader in natural stone production - and Mutaforma, specialized in processing augmented materials.

La Spada has been called to exalt the combination of the iconic brilliance of stone and TILLA® technology, tiny colored glass tiles embellished with metal strips. This is all mixed in a series of skillfully carved slabs that guarantee full adaptability to the shapes, allowing free and continuous laying: these are precious designs suitable for a variety of application in residential, contract and hospitality environments.

An exotic charm alternates with geometric and linear patterns; animal prints stand out on delicate chromatic backgrounds, creating a sophisticated effect that embraces tactile and visual perceptions.

The design of the area Stratospherica, within the showroom Labirinto in Antolini, is curated by La Spada too. The synergy between the designer and the company from Verona has been going on for over ten years.