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The Seine by Vives Ceramica

The Seine porcelain tile series by Vives Ceramica was born to be indispensable in all types of contract and private projects thanks to its wide range of designs, finishes and formats. More than forty different new proposals, all of them with a unique personality, come to light in order to revolutionize surfaces and mark the identity of the place where they are used. 

Following the most innovative production techniques, the Seine model is made of coloured porcelain with a careful technical process. This condition, together with the numerous quality controls to which each one is subjected to, make this porcelain stoneware meet the most demanding quality standards of QB UPEC. Its irregular design of soft veining and rich nuances gives an impression of cement in its most attractive version.

Made in five neutral colours: Blanco, Crema, Gris, Cemento and Basalto, the Seine design is available in a wide range of rectified formats (80x180 cm, 120x120 cm, 60x120 cm, 44,3x89,3 cm, 80x80 cm, 59,3x59,3 cm, 29,3x59,3 cm, 10x59,3 cm and 29,3x29,3 cm). It is also available in nonrectified formats 60x60 cm and 30x60 cm. In addition, the series offers two formats in anti-slip finish: 120x120 cm and 59.3x59.3 cm, especially suitable for outdoor areas or in applications where there is a contact with water. 

The series is enriched by the Hexágono Seine 51,9x59,9 cm, the Mosaico Seine 30x30 cm (Blanco, Crema, Gris, Cemento and Basalto), the Mosaico Aube 30x30 cm (Blanco, Crema, Gris, Cemento and Basalto) and the Mosaico Loing 30x30 cm (Blanco, Crema, Gris, Cemento, Basalto and Multicolor). And also, the Risle-R (60x120 cm rectified) porcelain tile, which emulates the effect of the herringbone to add a new approach to the surfaces. It is available in colours Blanco, Crema, Gris, Cemento and Basalto.

The series also includes an extensive selection of 15x15 cm and 20x20 cm with a rectified design to complement inspired by traditional ceramics with a contemporary twist. With this new rectified format, the joints between tiles are reduced and the unique calibration facilitates the combination of references with each other, multiplying the compositional possibilities of the series. 

The Seine series offers 5 hexagonal models made of porcelain stoneware and in a 23x26.6 cm format, whose varied characteristics is a decorative plus for any space. First, the Duroc Multicolor hexagon is a patchwork style design where white provides softness while its alternate designs generate movement on the surfaces.

The Mayeix Multicolor hexagon gives an extravagant note to the surfaces with its charismatic print full of figures and movement. Following the gradient trend, the Lacroix Gris hexagon, with its marked contemporary style, is ideal for urban-inspired projects.

The Ligard Gris hexagon masterfully combines two materials of great tendency such as wood and cement. Together, they form an interesting composition full of visual appeal. And finally, the Fréret Multicolor hexagon, inspired by the noble art of marquetry, poses a charismatic geometric effect with high doses of warmth.