Wall and Floor Coverings


Trendy new ceramic tiles for Recer

The individuality of the five Trends displayed by RECER, a company specialising in the production of wall and floor tiles, was in evidence at Cersaie 2016, the most prestigious international fair in the sector, held in Bologna, Italy.

With its ability to meet the most demanding technological and stylistic challenges, Recer exhibited series that feature design, are functional, easy to apply and combine, and come in several formats. These factors attracted hundreds of trade professionals to express their interest and bring it to fruition.

Sphata, Absolute, Retro Chic, Cotto and Edit, two of which were created in collaboration with customers, were widely regarded as leading the way in trends in the sector.


A highly versatile, multi-format series inspired by the ‘handmade’ concept of spatulated stucco.

Formats: Porcelain: 45x90R, 60x60, 60x60R, 30x60 and 30x60R

                   Wall covering: 30x90R, 30x60, 30x60R and 25x40

Colours: White, Beige, Grey, Dark Grey and Nut



The timeless beauty of marble, in its natural nuances and folds.

Formats: Porcelain: 60x60 and  60x60R

                 Wall covering: 30x90R, 30x60 and 30x60R

Colours: White and Beige



A reinterpretation of bricks, in terms of format, colour and decoration.

Formats: Wall covering: 30x60, 30x60R and 15x30

Colours: White, Gold, Anthracite and Blue



A COTTO with an urban edge and a contemporary look.

Formats: Porcelain: 45x45, 30x60 and 33x33

                 Glazed Tiles: 15x30

Colours: White, Beige, Greige and Red.


  • EDIT

A product retrieved from the memory of the roaring twenties that evokes the bohemian lifestyle and imaginary of get-togethers.

Formats: Glazed Tiles: M20x20

Colours: White, Beige, Grey and Anthracite.