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Two new styles for the lava stone by Nerosicilia

The natural lava stone of nerosicilia - extracted from the slopes of Mount Etna - is an inexhaustible source of new expressive possibilities as it comes back in new eclectic collections such as Next, designed by the studio Jpeglab. Next offers innovative cuts, formats and joints that enhance the features of the material to offer the most diverse possibilities of application.

You can also find the new lines of surfaces “PALAZZO” and “ISO”, based on the expertise of Piero Lissoni. Palazzo uses a new language to evoke the beautiful traditional wooden floors or terrazzo tiles, by using the lava stone’s materiality and its warm and dark tones. The brand decorated the material with glossy glass silk-screen printings, which transforms the classic patterns into a sort kind of precious watermark.

On the other hand, ISO has the lava stone layouts. The stone is only worked by cutting and assembling to avoid, as much as possible, the rigidity of modular repetition. You can obtain very natural and warm patterns that resemble parquet’s atmospheres by taking advantage of the small differences of color and surface that characterize this material.

Nerosicilia offers slabs in the formats 80x300x2cm to ensure the maximum design freedom to designers and architects. The slabs do not undergo glaze or chemical additives in any moment of their processing. The transformation process subjects the raw slab to the thermal conditions of the magma. Moreover, colors and decorations are obtained by recycling the glass of cathode-ray screens of old televisions and PCs monitors.