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VitrA presents 2021 ceramic tiles novelties

VitrA presents its colour-form-texture matrix systems and rich variety of nature inspired material libraries for mix & match options in contemporary spaces. VitrA 2021 novelties extents CementMix system with a new surface option, CementMix Meso and enriches ColorCode system with a new natural stone texture; Urban Travertino. Inspired by classical marbles for contemporary spaces MarmoMix system is introduced as the newest member of VitrA systems.

Additionally VitrA PRO Nature library is enriched with new stone textures; Marmostone and Boscostone collections, and with new concrete texture; Cementine collection.


Premium marbles that form the cornerstones of architectural design are offered in VitrA’s innovative MarmoMix system with countless laying options to the world of professionals. The marbles that inspire MarmoMix textures have been used in many architectural structures throughout the history as a strong design element on their own and also in combination with one another to create harmony. These marbles which kept their popularity for ages are now re-interpreted in MarmoMix system for strong, flexible and creative offerings to contemporary designs. MarmoMix system, with its compatibility with other VitrA systems and with its different size offerings, provides users flexibility in design.

CementMix Meso

CementMix Meso represents a transition between micro dotted cement look and terrazzo look. The series adds a new layer to CementMix system though the effect achieved by sprinkling of medium sized pebble pieces onto a cement surface. CementMix Meso, presented both in warm and cold colour tones, is designed in consideration with other CementMix layers and with VitrA’s other systems for compatibility.

Urban Travertino

Urban Travertino collection combines the strength and durability of porcelain with travertine, a natural stone which is widely-used in architecture and interior design. One of the oldest building materials travertine is re-interpreted by VitrA to find a new life in urban and contemporary spaces. Urban Travertino is developed in align with the VitrA’s ColorCode system, which is a sophisticated mix of different materials and formats in cold and warm colour tones.


Marmostone porcelain collection leverages the veined structure of marble on a natural stone texture and creates a hybrid surface effect. The collection comes in two different surface options: one in matt with a dominant natural stone character, the other in glossy with a marble effect. Inspired by the well-known white veined marble, the Amazing Grey marble of Italy, the collection offers a variety of size and natural colour options both for indoor and outdoor use.


The Boscostone collection blends the beauty of Italian Fior di Bosco and Spanish Emperador marbles on a matt surface of stone texture. These two marbles, which have been associated with design and quality throughout the ages, are re-interpreted on a natural stone texture to form a bridge between classical Hellenistic style and contemporary modern designs.


Cementine porcelain collection softens the bold look of exposed concrete through a mixture of cement and marble dust. Its decors, inspired by the early 20th century houses of Italy’s Tuscan region, are a reinterpretation of vintage decors through a modern design aesthetic. The collection offers a broad range of options in 4 sizes, 5 different colours, and 15x15 cm sized decors that can be used together with all of the five colours.