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Casa Zen by Bertolotto Porte

Casa Zen, the Bertolotto Porte registered trademark, is an artistic creation, each piece is original and has two signs of its authenticity: the Bertolotto brand and the signature by Elio Garis engraved on the sand. The House Zen doors are made as a sand sculpture on a wooden door: each piece is unique, made in sand or in the molten glass. The variations of tones and design are a key feature of the artistic object that is always different from the previous and the next one.

Bertolotto doors are the support for these “sculptures”, with a fine solid wood framework and a lightened internal structure.

All doors’ models Takla, Makan, Kara, Kum, Negev, Kalahari, Lop, Rub, Gobi and Ordos - all names inspired by deserts – have an artistic sand finish on one side, while the other one is smooth. The structure and the cord covers can be chosen among the wide Bertolotto RAL or NCS range.

There are different opening types: swing, sliding hidden, sliding external wall, flush with the wall, coatings for reinforced doors. On customers demand, tailored projects can be made for the construction of wall coverings or sliding walls.