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Oknoplast presents lineaNATURA

Oknoplast presents also this year a product line that anticipates market and consumers' needs. It is a small revolution, ready to challenge the present to give life to new trends in the world of fixtures and home decor and for which, from now on, PVC windows will never be the same.

The line is lineaNATURA, an innovative range of coatings for fixtures made of real wood. Thanks to lineaNATURA will be possible to combine PVC features - air and water impermeability, freedom from maintenance and excellent insulation qualities, both thermal and acoustic - with the warmth and elegance of real wood. The window is covered inside with wood from renewable plantations, to create more comfortable and cozy living spaces.

This choice of the Group is in line with brand culture that always had a sustainable approach based on a green production. Henceforth you will no longer need to exclude a material for another one: the frame can take advantage of both.

LineaNATURA is available for the windows Prolux Evolution and Squareline, the two flagship products of the Group that stand out for their profile, simple, slender, linear, with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation qualities and a higher glass surface.

Just like all Oknoplast’s products, lineaNATURA can be customized too: there are eight different wood versions ranging from classic to modern ones, in line with the latest trends in furniture world.