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Omero by Navello, the "Feng Shui" window

The “Omero” collection of wooden windows, characterized by high functional characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation, is now proposed by Navello in a bright red finish, in addition to the 6 different versions (proposed with several water-based transparent finishes and in a wide range of water lacquering).

Navello produces doors and windows since 5 generations in the heart of the Piedmonts’ Langhe: using only certified wood, the company follows a business philosophy that is a sort of intuitive Feng Shui, applying the oriental discipline to get a good circulation of light and air (= positive energy).

Among the five elements of Feng Shui, wood is actually the first of the production cycle.
It embodies spring, the beginning of life, growth: a rising energy which is then symbolically linked to the wealth and good health of the family (or to the business success if we refer to work environment). According to this philosophical system, there should be many windows to increase air and light in the environment, but they should never be placed directly in front of a door in order to avoid qi (ch’i) comes out too quickly.
Moreover, windows that can be fully opened should be preferred together with quadrangular windows, avoiding triangles or too evident tips (considered inauspicious).

In some cases, it may be helpful to design round or arched windows to soften a facade (Navello realizes tailored ones).
In Feng Shui, colors are also important because they represent the qi (ch’i), the vital energy of matter.
Red represents the union between fire and earth, the sun rising to the east: for this reason, it is very powerful in instilling positive energy and tackling the negative one.