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Prolux Evolution: the new PVC window by Oknoplast

Prolux Evolution, by the leading company Oknoplast, has been recently presented on the market of windows and shatters. It is an innovative PVC window with a perfectly squared design, a patented system that offers high quality standards to ensure brightness in any room of the house.

Prolux Evolution satisfies current needs and follows the new architectural trends. Focusing on ergonomics, the new entry is characterized by its minimal form and the combination of a low profile and a larger glass surface, which, combined with an extra light glazing unit, gives spaces up to 22% more of light compared to a normal PVC window

The 90 degrees glazing beads are the main advantages of the windows: they are unobtrusively inserted into the fixtures structure, creating an aesthetic balance between all the elements.

Furthermore, the new draught excluders made with shape-memory thermoplastic elastomers replace the old EPDM ones, due to their ability of maintaining unchanged its elasticity and the high insulating properties over time. The additional possibility to weld them into the corners and create them in a wide range of colors provides a further visual compactness.

An ad hoc designed squared handle complete the window: it has been placed in a central position instead of decentralized one in order to maintain the symmetry of the design.

Moreover, the Prolux Evolution’s "technological heart" ensures A class performances, derived from the optimal thermal and acoustic insulation standards (up to 0.8 Uw and 45dB).