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Rizzi: spiral staircases in wood or concrete... to suit every taste!

Helical staircases have transcended their functional origins to become architectural elements with an increasingly decorative role, thanks in part to the many structural and finishing materials in which they are available. But which material is the best match for your specific requirements?

Rizzi, a Vicenza-based manufacturer of staircases, which has been in the business for over 70 years and is currently the only company in Italy that makes helical staircases in a full range of materials (steel, wood and reinforced concrete), has the following answer:

Concrete helical staircases

These are self-bearing concrete spirals, designed and built to fit the available space. 
The use of concrete staircases significantly reduces installation times: the individual untreated steps are assembled one by one directly on site, and include the tread, the riser and the the supporting structure. Once assembled, this forms two helical beams with grooves in them for fitting the reinforcement that connects the departure floor to the arrival floor.
It is vitally important for the supplier to use high-quality, chemically balanced pre-mixed products on certified reinforcements that offer excellent standards of strength and anti-seismic performance.
Ideal for anyone who loves pure, essential lines, they are also outstandingly strong.

Wooden helical staircases

Wooden staircases require the highest levels of craftsmanship to make the staircase safe, and to make its volumes pure and perfect. There is nothing worse than a badly built wooden staircase, because it will show its defects more than any other material. 
You can use any type of wood, but it's best to get advice from your supplier, who will be able to tell you about the pros and cons of each species. 
Aesthetic details that you need to insist on for traditional staircases: steps perfectly and invisibly slotted into the parapet and top-quality grouting. You can order wooden parapets or opt for handrails in steel or other materials. For the best guarantee of quality, staircases should be pre-assembled by the supplier before delivery to the final customer.
Wood is a stylish, heart-led choice, that brings warmth and texture to wherever it's used.