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Transparency and maximum accessibility for the new sliding element by Schüco

Conceived to meet Italian market’s specific requirements of comfort and design, Schüco Italia presents the new panoramic system ASE 67 PD (Aluminum Sliding Element Panorama Design).

The new entry in the range of the company specialized in aluminum fixtures enables the production of large sliding glass doors (with a shutter up to 3500x3000 mm large and a weight of up to 400 kg) with the maximum transparency. The outer frame has been designed to disappear inside the building's masonry, leaving only a visible thin 31 mm central knot. Regarding the accessibility, the 0-level threshold, perfectly flat, facilitates the passage between the internal and external environments, easing the access even to those who have walking difficulties.

Marked out by a high modularity, the sliding element includes the possibility of combining different types of shutters with two types of frame: the 90 mm version allows the shutter to be completely retractable in the frame and provides greater performance in terms of water tightness, while the 57 mm version, occupying less space, is suitable in case of renovation.

The very slender profile and the possibility of recessing the frame inside the masonry allow to maximize the amount of glazed surface, facilitating the flow of natural light in the spaces, not only for psychophysical well-being but also for a greater energy saving.

Moreover, the technology of the sliding element includes a locking system, fully integrated in the shutter, available in three different versions (central node lock, integrated side lock, lateral shutter aligned side lock), all equipped with a handling mechanism characterized by a modern and neat design. The combination of the different locks is a pre-requisite for the construction of a burglar resistant fixture.

Another aim of the company dealt with air and water tightness and maximum thermal performances, with Uvalues up to 0.99 W/m2K (two shutters fixture B x H = 3000 x 2400 mm with Ug=0.5 W/m2K) and Uup to 1.17 W/m2K (two shutters fixture B x H = 3000 x 2400 mm with Ug=0.7 W/m2K).