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Synua Vela by Oikos: the compact sliding security door

Already the winner of a mention of honour in the 2011 ADI Golden Compass awards for its attractive styling, Synua Vela by Oikos (designed by Adriani&Rossi), is a compact, high-performance security door, which has the distinction of being a sliding model.

Available with finishes in wood, porcelain stoneware, glass, mirror and a wide range of other materials, it is extremely versatile, and can be fitted for right-hand or left-hand opening, either on its own or in a version with glazed side panels (top photo). 
Offering different degrees of customisation and Class 3 break-in protection, it can be equipped with manual, semi-automatic or automatic opening.

It can also be used to protect entrances to lifts (bottom photo: with natural teak cladding, interior handle in steel and motor-operated opening) and to provide enhanced security for indoor or outdoor access points, for buildings that require extra security, such as homes, jewellery shops, luxury goods stores, etc.