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VESTA: the armoured shutter by Di.Bi with anti-burglary class 3

DI.BI. commitment in the continuous improvement of existing products and the research for new solutions is put into effect with the introduction of a new product, VESTA.

It is a new armoured shutter characterized by quality and robustness, as well as a strong attention to design, which result in the meticulous attention to details.

Made entirely of 20/10 galvanized steel sheet for the frame, 15/10 for the profiles of the shutters and 10/10 for the slats of the oval section, VESTA is equipped with robust iron hinges, well welded on chassis and doors, with stainless steel pin and thrust bearings. The anti-slip stitches are standard equipment on both the hinges and the shutters. The safety lock has 3 locking points (upper, lower and central lock) with 18 mm pins; it is equipped with the European half cylinder for locking the lock.

The moving leaf is equipped with a machine with 2 closing points; it is possible to ask for a unique key to open the shutter, as well as the armoured door and the gates. A magnetic key lock with defender is also available. VESTA stands out for its manufacturing finishing (including the anti-noise rubber seals along the entire perimeter of the doors) and the absence of lower anaesthetic lower compensators, because the slats of the shutter have a variable pitch and ensure a smooth and uniform structure of the door profiles.

Available with 1 to 4 doors in the window and French window versions, with hinged or panel opening, Vesta can be installed with or without counter-frame and in combination with DibiBlind and Briareo extensible grilles.

The new armoured shutter is available in a wide range of standard colours: 15 gritted Ral and 3 marble effect. The varnish made with epoxy polyester powders, after a cataphoresis treatment, is also really accurate.