Behind the Laminam XL fabrication process

From handling a slab to countertop delivery and installation: the video shows the fabrication process through every step of the creation of Laminam surface for modern architecture.
The fabrication process of ceramic slabs has a lot in common with the procedures to fabricate quartz, with one immediate advantage: Laminam XL makes the fabrication job much easier due to the slab superior quality, ready to be cut and no relief cuts required before processing. This alone saves much time and costs to the fabricator.
The technical features of Laminam XL slabs present several advantages to the consumer when comparing it to other traditional surfaces:

  • Hygiene: Laminam XL is non-porous and does not absorb or grow bacteria.
  • Maintenance: Laminam XL surface is easy to clean using only soap and water.
  • Heat Resistance: Laminam XL does not contain any inorganic material (such as resins) thus is not affected by high heat.
  • Stain Resistance: Laminam XL surface is highly resistant to all staining agents found in the common household. It is also highly resistant to cleaning agents.
  • UV Resistance: Laminam XL surface is not affected by UV rays, ensuring the surface finish never fades through its life. A perfect surface for an outdoor project.

*Laminam XL details: 
Size: 1620x3240mm / 63.7’’x127.5’’
Thicknesses: Laminam 12+ (1/2’’) and Laminam 20+ (3/4’’)