Decorative coatings according to "Wide & Style"

The WIDE&STYLE collection caters specifically to the needs of architects and designers. The decorative solutions are developed with the creative contribution of in-house and external professionals and can easily be combined with the entire range of ABK products to give the perfect finishing touch to any project.

Depending on the style and colour of the decorative slabs, the mockups featured in the WIDE&STYLE catalogue suggest the most suitable materials to be used as coordinated floor and wall coverings. These range from the astonishing realism of wood effects to products with a more minimalist and contemporary flavour and surfaces that reproduce the timeless elegance of marble and stone.

The WIDE&STYLE collection combines excellence in latest-generation production methods (large sizes and digital decoration) with renewed attention to decor in ever new and more diversified forms of expression to bring a distinctive, personal touch to every project.

The large sizes reduce the perception of the grout joints and give free rein to the creativity of architects and interior designers, who can use porcelain slabs in the most diverse applications. WIDE&STYLE can be used on the walls in residential spaces (bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms) or can be adopted as a distinctive element in commercial projects (lounge bars, restaurants, shops). It also opens up new opportunities for cladding exterior façades.