Airbnb: the cabins in the woods are among the most desired accommodations

Houses mainly Hygge style and increasingly Instagram-friendly. The travel community platform Airbnb registered this constantly growing trend, identifying the American “A Frame Cabins” as some of the most coveted accommodations by travelers during winter. These are real wooden cabins in the wilderness, which take the name by their shape - resembling the letter A - designed for the first time in the thirties by the architect Rudolph Schindler and now back in vogue as the trendiest houses of the moment, with a true record of likes.

They are selected for their beauty - strongly anchored to fairy-tale imagination, which is especially appreciated on social media - as well as for the use of natural materials, cheapness and their low environmental impact (topics particularly close to the millennial generation), the presence of all comforts and the continuous dialogue between the interior and the surrounding landscape.