Cersaie 2017: Milleluci - Italian style concept

Light will take centre stage at the fourth collective exhibition of Cersaie, the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings to be held in bologna from 25 to 29 September 2017.

Staged in hall 30 of the Bologna exhibition centre, the event will be entitled "Milleluci - Italian style concept" after the eponymous TV variety show hosted by Mina and Raffaella Carrà in 1974 in which each episode was devoted to a different genre, from radio to cabaret, from musical to operetta.

The two curators of "Milleluci - Italian style concept", Angelo dall’Aglio and Davide Vercelli, chose the format as a way of creating a narrative, a fascinating journey through luminous atmospheres capable of enhancing the materials, surfaces and design of the displayed bathroom furnishing products with their classic forms and range of different styles.

The exhibition has a strongly seventies mood and will be divided into ten thematic sets as if they were the episodes of the variety show, each associated with a specific cinematographic or theatrical genre. The backdrop of each location will consist of a backlit image dedicated to a specific film, play or opera and the entire set will be designed accordingly.

But light is more than just the fundamental element of perception, it also has enormous emotional power and will play a vital role in illuminating the displayed products and creating unique atmospheres. Visitors will find themselves immersed in sets from a wide variety of genres, from science fiction to cartoons, from horror to westerns. Special effects and changing light patterns will give the sets powerful visual appeal, while soundtracks will accompany visitors on their multisensorial journey.

Following the success of the three previous editions, Cer-Sea in 2014, Cer-Stile in 2015 and Cer-Sail Italian style concept in 2016, the Cersaie 2017 collective exhibition will serve as an economic driver by bringing selected high-end companies into contact with international buyers and professionals constantly in search of new creative ideas.