Eyecad VR: launched a new virtual instrument for design

A new hi-tech instrument for the design of buildings, homes and commercial spaces is now available for architects, engineers, designers and professionals of real estate and furnishing industries.

It has been designed and launched by Eyecad VR, a start-up from Catania founded by Stefano Bosco, today CEO of the company, which started as a passionate computer science student. The technology consists of a virtual reality system developed to become a valuable ally for design professionals, who will also be able to offer their customers the opportunity to use a simple and intuitive software, creating realistic photo rendering spaces.

This solution allows you to choose real-time combinations of furniture, materials, walls and floors, displaying a 360° view of the spaces: you can modify or customize an environment before building or renovating it.

The main feature of the instrument is the high-quality spatial perception made with HTC VIVE or OCULUS RIFT viewer, without the need to wait for image processing, as a graphical engine instantly gives it. Moreover, this give the possibility to change the time of day to validate project choices, always remaining immersed in the project.

Thanks to the eco-system Eyecad VR, where the desktop PC software interacts with a mobile APP (eyecad VR) and the Cloud, customers and designers can explore the environments by working remotely, by using the smartphones and a cheap cardboard, within immersive scenes generated by a simple click. With the app manager of the software, it is possible to manage and upload interactive projects to a cloud and share them directly with clients, within an interactive virtual reality.