Graff total black for the winner of the Evening Standard New Homes Award

Eco-friendly features, glamor details and a great aesthetic research are the elements that led the Wittering House project, in Finsbury Park (London), to win the Evening Standard New Homes Award 2018: the reconversion of an abandoned garage into an elegant and bright two-room apartment of 80 square meters with outdoor space.

The London-based architecture studio GPAD, which curated the project, selected the collection of taps M.E. by the American company GRAFF, thus stressing the combination of functionality, sustainability and visual beauty as the mark of the project. The total black finish was selected, as it follows the main decorative trends in the sector and is particularly suitable to complete the neat and contemporary style of the house without ignoring practicality.

M.E proposes empty brass elements with low nickel and lead content, which comply with the regulations for potable water and the criteria for health and environmental protection. In the black color, the taps are also made with a special dry powder painting process. Used as functional (protective) and decorative finishes, the powder coatings are particularly durable. Moreover, these are available in an almost unlimited range of colors and textures.