In Matera, farmhouses become hi-tech and nZeB

New hi-tech and super green farmhouses are born in the heart of Matera, where high sustainability, comfort and healthiness coexist to meet the needs of the contemporary real estate.

The new Apulian real estate brand Lusseri has already started the building of the first six units of its project, in the Aia del Cavallo area. The style is typical of the farmstead of the past but modernized using a  zero impact technology, obtaining the EcO certification protocol. In fact, the in progress luxury homes are "nZeB" (nearly Zero Energy Building): with very high performance, they reduce consumption and environmental impact.

Moreover, the farmhouses have an anti-seismic reinforced concrete structure, precious wood roofing and the innovative P55, a special 55 cm layered masonry system, made with lime and plaster and blocks of Tufo di Montescaglioso, provided by the building company Edil Pepe, head of the brand Lusseri.

Each home is going to be developed on three levels, integrated with renewable energy systems, in particular photovoltaic and heat pump. In the outdoor area, between 600 and 800 square meters, there will be a swimming pool or, alternatively, a bio-swimming pool, made of stone and sand, to reproduce the seabed. The special feature of this artificial body of water comes from the lack of a purification plant that uses chemical agents as in traditional pools. In fact, special aquatic plants purify water, without needing chemical additives such as chlorine or ozone.

The design of the green area of the six farmhouses is based on the Roman villa concept: a building for residential use with a relevant space in which floristic colonization is favored to soften the impact of the building on the surrounding environment.

Lastly, each farmhouse will have home automation systems to control and manage the home spaces with great simplicity: a touch device manages the flow of information, any time, even remotely by using any mobile device.