Investment and growth for Ceramica Rondine

Ceramica Rondine, an Italian company which has been manufacturing and selling floor and wall tiles for residential and public premises since 1961, is investing in the extension of its production facilities and the fine-tuning of new production processes.

Operating from three production sites in Italy's ceramic cluster, namely Rubiera, Vetto and Sassuolo, the company has launched two new automatic sorting and packaging lines at its Rubiera plant, as well as an innovative, green-oriented, dry cutting and edge-grinding line, which operates without water, so is more environmentally friendly. The dust generated by edge-grinding is then recovered and re-introduced into the ceramic body production process.

These major investments have enabled Rondine to extend its range of sizes to include a new 45x90 format, with sub-multiples in 22.5x90 and 15x90m, and a 60x120 format, with sub-multiples in 20x120 and 30x120. The investment programme is fully in line with the Group's philosophy of embracing technological development and state-of-the-art design research.