Lago and HomeAway for a suspended loft on Tour Eiffel

A 57 meters high cantilevered apartment on the sky of Paris in one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, the Eiffel Tower. This project involves LAGO, producing design furniture, and HomeAway, platform for the search of home to rent during the UEFA Euro 2016.

“The idea of a cantilevered apartment on Paris fitted perfectly one of the chromosomes of our design: lightness” - Daniele Lago, CEO and Design Director of LAGO, explains –“but this partnership is also a further validation of our ability to find new hospitality outer reaches, especially after the success of LAGO WELCOME project that, using design, aims at improving the experience in hotels, B&B, apartments and after the opening, in France, of three WELCOME in Cap d ' Agde, Barbizon, Saint-Tropez and another one coming in Béziers”.

The four lucky winners of the #EiffelTowerAllYours contest held by HomeAway during the European football event will sleep in the cantilevered loft in the Parisian capital, during the nights of June 23 and 28, July 4 and 8.
The house, designed by the interior designer Benoit Leleu, resulted from the transformation, in less than 48 hours, of a conference room into an apartment combining Haussmann style and contemporary furniture.

The modularity and lightness of LAGO furnishings, both chromosomes of company design, make it flexible and adaptable to convivial situations like watching a match, emphasizing at the same time the sense of suspension of being 57 meters high, on the sky of Paris. The apartment includes two bedrooms, including a master bedroom with an Air bed suspended on glass legs and a large living area with Air sofas and Tangram bookcases.

As a result, the project emphasizes the concept of “home feeling” aimed at the recovery of all the positive feelings related to the domestic space, transferring them in all living spaces.