"MEMPHIS - Plastic Field" at Fondazione Berengo

In occasione della 16° Biennale Architettura la Fondazione Berengo di Venezia ospita, fino al 25 Novembre a Palazzo Franchetti, “MEMPHIS - Plastic Field”, mostra delle opere di design di Memphis, con la curatela di Jean Blanchaert e Adriano Berengo.

Until November 25th during the 16th edition of Biennale Architettura, Veniceheadquartered Fondazione Berengo is hosting “MEMPHIS - Plastic Field” at Palazzo Franchetti, an exhibition of Memphis group’s design works curated by Jean Blanchaert and Adriano Berengo, friends and collaborators since over fifteen years.

Just like in the early ‘80s when the design group challenged the minimalist trend with a multicoloured, pop art-inspired style with a provocative soul, this time Memphis’ iconic works will stand out in contrast with Palazzo Franchetti’s historical backcloth. As a frame for the exhibition, a field of black leaves and plants is set to fade out any surrounding colour and let the visitors’ attention focus on the bold and daring range of tones and shapes which allowed architect Ettore Sottsass to leave an unforgettable mark in the global design scene of his time, together with the other co-founders of the movement.

The exhibition presents a selection of contemporary productions of the group’s most renowned works in their original design created during the 1981-1987 period. Alongside Sottsass’ masterpieces, “Plastic Field” will offer the chance for visitors to enjoy the design works signed by Zanini, De Lucchi, Zanuso Jr, Bley, Bedin, Mendini, Mariscal, Kuramata, Cibic, Graves, Iosa Ghini, Thun, Taylor, Umeda, Sowden, Sanchez, Shire, Branzi and Du Pasquier.

Memphis’ innate irreverence shines through the exhibition’s structure as well, whose set-up by IB Studio (Milan) reshape Palazzo Franchetti’s map through Carlton’s geometrical skeleton, Sottsass’ 1981 iconic room divider that incarnates the postmodernist soul of his maker.

A thematic room is set to celebrate the impactful shapes and chromatic range of Memphis’ glassworks and to express Fondazione Berengo’s commitment in promoting the elegance and versatility of Murano’s glassmaking. Starting from 1989, Berengo Studio offers a top-class furnace for architects, artists and designers for the exploration this exquisite art medium.

Thanks to the Glasstress project, the Studio has established itself as a synonym of glasswork for contemporary art.

Dove e quando
Fondazione Berengo – Palazzo Franchetti, San Marco 2847, 30124 Venezia
fino al 25 Novembre 2018