Opened in Paris the new "Sicis House"

In the heart of Paris, a reference point for style and design, the Italian mosaic company Sicis has completely renovated its showroom located in 41 Rue François 1er and it is glad to introduce 'Sicis home'.
Sicis home is a concept that through warm and welcoming environments, with a particular attention to the creation of a dialogue between each element that compose them, creates an overall harmony that expresses the eclecticism of the company itself.
Therefore exclusive productions cohabit: furniture, upholstered and complementary fabrics along with limited editions tapestries, Vetrite and lightning, with the common thread created by the artistic mosaic found in the panels and in details of the furnishings.
Great attention was given to the choice of materials used, the study of shapes, combinations and choices of color through coatings, decorations and textiles.

Everything speaks of a strong tradition and italian now-how, continuous research for quality and the desire to create a refined and distinctive design. A real design system, versatile and creative, with endless possibilities of personalization.
A sophisticated yet at the same time comfortable place, designed to accommodate customers and suitable to meet professionals, where they can always find the magic and fantasy to imagine spaces that transmit emotions.