Roof View: the "design with a view" of Castrignano at the Fuorisalone

For the Fuorisalone, Andrea Castrignano is bringing a mix of design, precious materials, technology and sustainability on the rooftop of an elegant urban building.

The installation ROOF VIEW is also a tribute to the last-century American architecture, which has been revolutionized by Frank Lloyd Wright. The star of the project is a corten monobloc with a strong visual impact and a high sustainability given by the insulating coat that ensures energy saving. As an extension of the interior living space, a large outdoor area develops around the main structure to offer the maximum comfort with its all details.

Colors will have prominence in defining spaces and volumes, while a full-height big moodboard will dynamically show the interior project’s inspirations. In addition, a line traced on the ceiling creates a combination of chasing segments, thus reinterpreting the concept of wainscoting in a contemporary way, with references to the “mid-century modern” American style.

The surfaces by Ceramica Rondine will be part of the installation too: Rust - colored and inspired by oxidized metal sheet - reinterprets the worn material through five inks, patterns and Urban&Colors signed by Castrignano, which proposes a brick effect with an industrial and urban style on porcelain stoneware.

When & Where:

17 - 22 aprile 2018

Studio Castrignano - via Adige 11