Skyway Monte Bianco: the eighth wonder of the world tiled by Cotto d’Este

The "Skyway Monte Bianco" project is  a high-profile endorsement of Italian engineering prowess, which features floor coverings by Cotto D'Este.

Inaugurated on 23 June, the impeccably functional and equally panoramic Skyway is set against a truly breathtaking backdrop. The new cable car system takes visitors from Courmayeur to Punta Helbronner, at an altitude of 3,500 metres, in 19 minutes, during which the continuously rotating pods give visitors a 360° view of all the surrounding scenery.

Cotto d'Este has thus contributed to the eighth wonder of the world with the supply of 4,500 square metres of 14mm-thick porcelain floor tile from the  Buxy Flammè Cendre series, in several sizes, which were chosen for their special non-slip properties, strength and frost-resistance.

These products now take pride of place in the public transit areas, toilet facilities and all the cable car stations, from Pontal d'Entreves (1,300 m), via Pavillon du Mont Fréty (2,173 m) to Punta Helbronner (3,466 m).