SpazioFMG: the contemporary retail spaces in Mexico, Spain and Italy

SpazioFMG for Architecture, the showroom of the brands Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, continues its examination of Mexican contemporary architecture.

After the exhibition HACER CIUDAD (2015) and LANDA ARQUITECTOS & PIUARCH (2016), the Milan showroom hosts this year the exhibition Ares Arquitectos, B+R Arquitectos & Lombardini22, The Contemporary Retail Spaces in Mexico, Spain and Italy, which can be visited from 18 to 27 October.

The three world-famous studios – coming from Mexico, Spain and Italy - are invited to focus on a central theme: the design of large retail spaces and architecture role in stimulating the aggregation within them. For each studio, 5 projects were selected, for a total of 15 exhibited projects, shown in the different phases of their design: the initial concept, the work-in-progress and the final result.

The layout is articulated in the space thanks to a sequence of suspended panels on which the projects of the three participants alternate. This creates a complex landscape where aesthetics, architectural shapes and modes of representation relate and communicate with each other. Ares Arquitectos, B+R Arquitectos and Lombardini22 are solid and organized professional groups that can integrate the different phases with the complex themes of designing contemporary spaces of commerce”, Luca Molinari, gallery's scientific curator, commented. “In SpazioFMG for Architecture, we compare the experiences of the three studios by using their best retail projects, which show how these places can also be transformed into platforms of life and sharing for the population”.