The first phase of the EMERGENCY building site in Uganda has been completed

The construction of the EMERGENCY Pediatric Surgical Hospital in Uganda goes on at full speed, based on a project by the studio Renzo Piano Building Workshop, with the collaboration of Tamassociati. The Center of Excellence in Pediatric Surgery, whose laying of the foundation stone was done nine months ago, will be built on Lake Victoria, 35 km from the capital Kampala, with the aim of providing free healthcare and reducing infant mortality in this area and in the neighboring countries.

On September 30, the ground mobilization and preparation was completed; these phases included the installation of drainage channels for the right flow of rainwater and the anti-termite treatment, and the foundations and structure of the guesthouse were built together with the concrete mixing plant for the production of concrete.

After these phases, in mid-October, the building of the main structure started, with the construction of walls by means of the rammed earth technique, which consists in the compaction layer-by-layer, inside shutterings, using locally extracted clay.

For this particular type of intervention, the contribution of Mapei was requested. After three years of research and subsequent experimental tests conducted together with EMERGENCY technical staff, the company developed an innovative system for the construction of the hospital facility using the rammed earth technique: it consists of unique latest generation binders, specially designed by Mapei R&D laboratories, which give greater versatility and durability to the rammed earth technique.

When in 2013 the Arch. Piano contacted us to work together on the design of the new EMERGENCY Center of Excellence in Pediatric Surgery in Uganda, we enthusiastically joined his proposal for the technological challenge it was for us. Representing Mapei, we are proud to contribute with our materials and our technical support to a project symbolizing a meeting point between humanitarianism and scientific research”, the Architect Simona Giorgetta, Real Estate Coordinator Mapei, commented.

Before the start of the works with the earth rammed technique, tests were carried out to select the best technical solution in quality and durability: it is a mixture made of clay obtained from the excavations, selected aggregates, structural fibers and MAPESOIL 100, a special additive formulated to improve the mechanical performance. After hardening, MAPECRETE CREME PROTECTION, a surface treatment based on silanes, was applied to improve the hydrophobic features.