The Fuorisalone of BASE Milano: a critical survey on city-making and smart cities

For its third Fuorisalone, BASE Milano proposes a critical reflection on the city-making and the new kinds of urban transformation.

The exhibition “Trouble Making. Who’s making the city?”, curated by the studio Raumplan, regarding the mass phenomena and the virtual networks that are changing the face of our cities, inaugurates the debate.

With the work of artists, photographers and videomakers - including Åyr, Louis de Belle, Giga Design Studio and Superinternet - the exhibition will offer, through different combinations, an interpretation of light and shadows of some collective phenomena that involve urban reality: Temporary / Precarious ; Sharing Economy / Platform capitalism; Regeneration / territorial marketing; Do-it-yourself / Individualism; Shared Knowledge / Mass culture; House sharing / Intimacy for sale.

Among the investigated issues you can find: the explosion of the activity of couriers and food delivery; the new mass tourism circuits; the processes triggered by the sharing economy, including the home sharing and the do-it-yourself online information, the urban and domestic effects of sharing platforms and smart technologies, with the addition of an installation on instant messaging apps such as Telegram, a short film on city sightseeing buses and a photographic project on food delivery couriers.

Moreover, BASE has now a doubled surface area – from 6,000 to 12,000 square meters – presenting to the public a series of prototypes, new regenerated spaces within the former Ansaldo, new functions and services to be tested and visited: the innovative janitor’s quarters, a renewed shared internal workshop and a courtyard that becomes a social and cultural space.

When and where:

17 - 22 aprile 2018

Via Bergognone 34, Milano