Water splash underwater experience

Straddling reality and illusion, Mosaico+ reconstructs a space that one can dive into without actually getting wet, allowing visitors to enjoy a close encounter with the latest collections dedicated mainly, but not exclusively, to the world of wellness. 

Within the standard exhibition module of Inhabits, Mosaico+, together with a team of professionals and technicians coordinated by the studio Ikos_Architettura della Comunicazione, has recreated a fully mosaic-covered swimming pool where visitors are left in awe at the illusion of moving through a space full of water, while staying completely dry. This impression is created by reproducing the reflections and movements of water on the walls, through clever use of projections and light effects that interact with the space and the visitors.

Looking up, one has the impression of being in a totally submerged dimension, moving around underwater with the surface rippling above, the light penetrating it and highlighting subtle effects of movement. Helping to make this spectacular dimension even more convincing are several technical accessories, like the suspended metal steps and the drain covers typically found in actual swimming pools.

A pleasing aquatic illusion that gives the sensation of moving across liquid surfaces, past the reflections in the water to touch the mosaic surface in one of the most convincing and mesmerising dimensions. Straddling reality and imagination, the Water Splash installation by Mosaico+ gives visitors a unique emotional experience that invites them to unleash their creativity: a new, captivating way of communicating the superb Mosaico+ offering in a unique chromatic and decorative mix that combines tradition and innovation.



Where & When:

Milano Design Village - Piazza Castello

17/22 Aprile 2018